Training Management

Training Management is an integral part of training success.  It starts with a solid foundation of understanding client goals and objectives followed up by a rigorous process of trainer development and learning.  But that’s just the beginning.  The real value is the ongoing assessment and integration of user feedback in the field to help refine and further develop the trainers and align them more perfectly with business needs and values.

Experienced JPW Training Management Consultants:

  • Develop the overall training plan and training delivery methods based on your goals, objectives and business culture.
  • Create the Instructional Design Plan based on your learning objectives.
  • Provide best practice recommendations and oversight of all scheduling and training logistics.
  • Develop and deliver train the trainer programs to ensure consistency and a high degree of performance across all trainers.
  • Remain flexible and responsive to your needs throughout the project life cycle.
  • Help ensure the overall success of the entire training program.

Trainer Feedback Loop