Salesforce Services

Salesforce Change Management
Knowing when to tack and change approach to avoid rough seas is key to guiding people through change. JPW uses the tenets found in our Adoption Playbook, including Executive Sponsorship, Adoption Roadmap, and Change Management best practices, to develop a Change Management Program specifically geared towards your needs and expected level of end user resistance. Our Adoption Playbook includes strategies, recommendations, best practices and tips and tricks across three main areas of focus: Communication, Training and Adoption Reinforcement. Moving your business processes to Salesforce is a journey, not a destination. JPW has the experience and the endurance to support you throughout your journey.

Management Coaching
JPW provides coaching and training to managers and executives specifically geared towards them that will help guide them and their teams to success. Coaching can help managers harness the power of Salesforce to obtain analytics and visibility into how their staff is performing. We can also show managers how to use Salesforce to help motivate their teams to increase their effectiveness. For example, our consultants can provide guidance and strategies on how to get the most out of their employees using Salesforce reports and dashboards.

Salesforce Process Optimization
Whether you are using Salesforce Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, JPW Consultants can analyze your instance and make recommendations on how to optimize utilization to achieve a higher level of success. Our Salesforce certified developers can then help customize your functionality, including objects, fields, picklists, action plans, reports, and dashboards so that you can improve overall efficiency and visibility. JPW can also recommend applications built on the platform that will integrate with your system to help improve your sales force effectiveness.

JPW Salesforce Training

Salesforce Training
The power of Salesforce lies in its ability to be molded to accommodate all types of business processes related to Customer Relationship Management.  As a result, in the Enterprise world, most Salesforce implementations are highly customized, which require customized training services. At JPW, we design training programs that are role-based and include relevant scenarios, proven best practices and tips and tricks customized for each end user group, making our training more engaging.

Chatter Usage Strategy and Governance
Communication has become more collaborative than ever through the use of social media. In a similar way, Salesforce Chatter can help your employees connect and work more efficiently across your organization no matter where they are located. They can collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns, and projects. However, for Chatter to work well, you need to have an effective strategy on how it will be rolled out and then utilized. JPW can help you craft a customized Chatter Usage Strategy that will enable successful collaboration across your organization while complying with any regulatory and compliance considerations. We can then develop training and provide tips and tricks to getting the most out of Chatter based on your strategy.

Since Chatter is a collaborative tool, it can be used in many ways, some of which may not fit into your Chatter Strategy. Therefore, it is also important to define a Governance Model that will ensure Chatter is used in the way it was intended. The Governance Model will also provide recommendations on how to manage the use of Chatter groups, document storage, and regulatory and compliance oversight.

Through the comprehensive services listed above, JPW Consulting can help ensure a level of end user adoption of Salesforce that will accelerate your ROI.

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