Salesforce Adoption Consulting

Salesforce is a worldwide leader in on demand CRM services and solutions. JPW Consulting is a Salesforce Partner and has been providing professional services to companies implementing Salesforce since 2005.  JPW successfully trained over 28,000 end users across 50 States during one of the largest Salesforce rollouts in the Financial Industry, eventually increasing their adoption from 40% to 80%. Through our customized services, we can dramatically increase your end user adoption.  Click here to see one of our White Papers for a successful Salesforce rollout.

JPW helps businesses drive Salesforce adoption through:                                                        JPW's Jump Start Program

  • Structured Change Management
  • Dynamic Executive Sponsorship and Management Coaching
  • Understanding and optimizing the end user processes
  • Providing role-based training
  • Effective Communication Strategies, including using Chatter
  • Providing ongoing Adoption Reinforcement

With Salesforce Certified Consultants and Facilitators, JPW is able to deliver relevant high-quality training, customized documentation, and creative business solutions to maximize interest and drive overall usage.  With JPW, you can be sure that your organization will receive a comprehensive adoption program to ensure long term success.

Key areas of focus that will help drive end user adoption of Salesforce:

  • Salesforce Change Management
  • Management Coaching
  • Salesforce Process Optimization
  • Salesforce Training
  • Chatter Strategy and Governance