Premier Live Training Services

At JPW Consulting, we are committed to providing Training Services that help end users learn how to navigate through a new system or technology, ultimately increasing the speed of their adoption. To help ensure adoption, JPW focuses on developing customized role-based training programs that bridge the gap between what users currently know and what they need to know in order to be successful. We have a proven track record of effectively analyzing and anticipating clients’ needs, developing customized training and documentation, providing an optimized solution, and ensuring overall client satisfaction with our efforts from start to finish.

Each training program is as unique as our clients and is designed to maximize impact while minimizing costs. We are skilled in determining the most effective delivery method of education based on your specific needs.

Training Programs can include:

Training Management

  • Develop the overall training plan and training delivery methods based on your goals, objectives and business culture.
  • Create the Instructional Design Plan based on your learning objectives.
  • Provide best practice recommendations and oversight of all scheduling and training logistics.
  • Develop and deliver train the trainer programs to ensure consistency and a high degree of performance across all trainers.
  • Manage the trainers while in the field.
  • Remain flexible and responsive to your needs throughout the project life cycle.
  • Help ensure the overall success of the entire training program.

Instructor-Led Classroom Training (ILT)

  • Instructor led classroom training provides a high touch education model that is very effective with high value employees and/or in offices where there is a larger concentration of end users.
  • In addition to classroom training, JPW Facilitators can provide one-on-one and desk side support while on site to increase the level of white glove service delivered to your employees.

Virtual ILT Training (VILT)

  • Virtual instructor led training is conducted via a web conferencing service. It is a cost efficient way to deliver learning to an audience spread out over a large territory.
  • VILT sessions often accompany ILT programs, with large offices receiving on-site training and smaller offices receiving virtual training.
  • VILT is also a great way to reinforce training after the initial rollout and training is complete.

On Demand Web Based Training

  • In today’s faced paced environment, employees often do not have time to attend traditional training sessions at specific times. On demand training, such as eLearning and videos, enables end users to attend training at their convenience, as well as offers the company a way to track learning progress through the use of a Learning Management System (LMS).

Global Training Services

  • JPW has successfully delivered training for numerous companies on a global scale through a combination of both on-site and virtual training programs.
  • We have trained thousands of users in over 25 countries in five languages.

Post Training Support

  • JPW can deliver additional training support after the initial training is complete in order to reinforce the desired behavior change and promote lasting adoption.
  • JPW can also help evaluate the effectiveness of the training program and incorporate changes as needed based on process improvements or new release updates.

JPW blends the above training approaches to meet your goals and objectives, to transfer knowledge to your end users in the most consumable way, articulate the importance of the new system and processes, and emphasize why utilization is critical to your end users and your organization.