Communication Campaigns

Today’s technology users are inundated with corporate communications that seem to constantly overwhelm their inboxes.  Communications compete with each other to get key messages to users, but instead find their audience numb and unable to focus on the core of the message.  As a result important information is overlooked, and benefits not fully communicated.  Penetrating communications require multiple vehicles and techniques to successfully compete with the flood of white spaced emails.

As part of every Change Management Plan JPW develops communication plans which focus on driving awareness, building desire, and communicating key project information through a variety of available methods.  As part of this effort, JPW Consulting works with various client stakeholders and end users to understand how the new technology will affect job functions, benefit end-users, and meet long term company goals. We can then use this information to develop engaging communication campaigns from executives, sponsors, managers, and peers. These campaigns can be delivered through a variety of communications vehicles as determined by effectiveness, availability, and audience distribution.

Additionally, JPW develops, where appropriate, impactful visual communication campaigns to quickly get messages across in a way that is more engaging while respecting the your users’ time and attention needs.  These campaigns compete well with the typical communication mediums found in corporate email inboxes.

The end result of our communication plan is to increase awareness, communicate value, and ultimately increase adoption.