Change Management Planning and Execution

A successful Change Management strategy will dramatically reduce end user resistance to a new system or technology, ultimately resulting in greater adoption.  To help a company prepare for change, and increase end users readiness to adopt the new system upon rollout, JPW has successfully developed Change Management plans that include recommendations and strategies across three main areas: Communication, Training and Adoption Reinforcement.  The strategies and recommendations made within these three main areas will help move individuals to a greater state of readiness.

Communication Strategy

The Communication Strategy will be designed to build the necessary level of Awareness and Desire across the company to overcome resistance, encourage adoption and align expectations. After in-depth discovery, recommendations will identify:

  • The message that should be sent
  • Who should communicate the message
  • When the message should be communicated
  • How the message should be delivered

Training Strategy

The Training Strategy would serve to ensure that the end users have the Knowledge and Ability to successfully utilize the new system or technology once rolled out. The Training Strategy is the core of the Change Management Plan. The learning objectives, budget, timeline, number of people being trained, and their roles and office location(s) impact what specific recommendations are made. The overall strategy should incorporate recommendations related to 4 phases:

    1. Discovery and Analysis
      • Work Flow
      • System Functionality
      • Learning Objectives
    2. Instructional Design
      • Curriculum Map/Course Outline/Storyboard
      • Technical writing
      • Role-based scenarios
      • Graphic elements
    3. Development
      • PPT Presentation
      • Facilitator Scripts
      • eLearning course
      • Supporting materials: FAQs, QRGs, On-the-job aids
    4. Delivery
      • On-site Instructor Led training
      • Virtual Instructor Led Training
      • Web Based, On-demand Training such as eLearning

    Adoption Management Strategies

    This strategy would focus on how to ensure that adoption, once achieved, would be sustained through the Reinforcement of the desired behaviors:  

    • Utilize metrics to measure success and identify gaps
    • Implement incentive programs
    • Provide reinforcement tools and materials
    • Schedule follow up training

    With the successful implementation of the Change Management Plan designed by JPW, the client will be better prepared for the change, more effective at managing the change as it is happening, and equipped to reinforce the new behavior once the transition is complete. This will drive ROI and lead to project success.