Change Management

Change Management addresses the human side of a business transition. In short, it is about the people! You may decide to roll out a new business tool or new process, but if you fail to address how this will be received by your end users, your project may fail. Adoption is the key to project success, and effective change management can ensure maximum adoption.

JPW Consulting, recognizing the effectiveness of structured Change Management, developed a proprietary change management process we call the JPW Adoption Playbook.  Our proven methods, developed and refined over an 18 year period, have brought successful adoption in some of the most challenging situations. As a result, JPW has consistently helped our clients navigate this type of change through unchartered waters.

The tenets of our adoption playbook are consistent with and embrace Prosci’s® ADKAR™ model and change management research.  Each step of our strategic approach addresses adoption at all levels of the organization.

The core elements in the JPW Adoption Playbook are active sponsorship, an adoption roadmap, and a change management plan including communication, training, and reinforcement strategies.  The end result is a comprehensive program proven to increase adoption across multiple business units.  Whether it is 2000 users trained globally in 2 weeks, or 30,000 users trained over one year, we can deliver the results necessary to insure project success. With experienced Change Management Consultants, JPW is able to deliver creative solutions to maximize interest, transfer knowledge and drive overall adoption as part of a comprehensive Change Management program that will help ensure long term success. Key elements to our adoption programs success are: