Adoption Playbook

JPW Adoption RoadmapJPW Consulting helps its clients navigate the change management and adoption process with our proprietary JPW Adoption Playbook. The tenets of our adoption playbook are built upon Prosci’s® benchmarking study, known to be the most extensive and detailed research on why projects succeed and fail as documented in over 2000 projects worldwide.

Each step of our strategic approach addresses adoption at all levels of the organization using the ADKAR™ framework on change management.  This multi-disciplined approach includes project road mapping, sponsorship engagement, communication, role-based training, and reinforcement strategies.  The end result is comprehensive program proven to increase adoption across multiple business verticals, and in the most challenging of situations.

JPW Consultant Efforts include:

  • Engage management at each level
  • Evaluate project objectives
  • Understand client culture
  • Develop customized role based training
  • Recommend customized communication and reinforcement strategies
  • Provide training resources and support
  • Share information and best practices