Salesforce Adoption & Training

JPW Consulting helps businesses drive adoption through a proprietary change management process we call the Adoption Playbook. Our proven methods have brought successful adoption in some of the most challenging situations.  Whether it be 2000 users trained globally in 2 weeks on location, or 50,000 users trained over a period of time, we can deliver the results necessary to insure project success. With experienced trainers and consultants, JPW is able to deliver relevant quality training, customized documentation, and creative business solutions to maximize interest and drive overall usage.  With JPW Consulting, you can be sure that your organization will receive the most comprehensive adoption program of any Salesforce Partner to insure long term success.

Wealth Management Workstation Optimization

JPW Consulting has long been a premier partner in training advisors on wealth management platforms and technologies.  We understand the business culture, and working environment that an advisor works within everyday.  Our core of qualified and experienced consultants allow us to provide workflow optimization training for both new advisors and PMDs building their book, to advanced teams focused on long term success and client retention.  We customize our programs and approach to the technologies and business objectives that your organization needs to be successful.  Our services cover the entire gamut of products from traditional Microsoft Office suite applications to CRM systems, and custom wealth management platforms.  We provide far more than just training services, we are specialists in wealth management business workflow optimization.  Our work will make your work easier and therefore make you more successful.

VoIP Technology Training

In order to take full advantage of the benefits of VoIP’s advanced communications technology, end-users must be properly trained. JPW begins this process by working with various user groups within a company to understand both long-term company goals and the ways in which the new technology will affect end users and day-to-day office activities.

Project Management

We believe that truly successful Project Management optimizes the allocation of resources to meet or exceed predefined goals. JPW Consulting has a long history of delivering across industry sectors. Our Project Management consultants are well versed in solid, time proven Project Management theories and practices.